The Rooster Story: What will you reap? Galatians6:7-8

My parents had a rooster n their yard that would not leave (we’ll call him Rooster A). One day another rooster (Rooster B) came on their property and Rooster A began to fight w him so my dad put Rooster B into a cage that he made for his protection.
My dad kept Rooster B in the cage for about 3 months taking care of him and feeding him. But everyday Rooster A would prance around Rooster B’s cage like he was saying “when u come out of their you are mine!”My dad let Rooster B out of the cage twice and came to find the two roosters in a brawl both times so he put him back in the cage. My dad tried various attempts for someone to come pick him up even the city with no luck. So he finally let Rooster B out of the cage at night as he had to free him.

This morning I received a call from my mom that their had been a slaughter on the property…. My dad let Rooster B out of its cage and Rooster A accomplished his long goal of fighting him to the death. Mind you, Rooster B was twice the size of Rooster A but it was over. Rooster A completed his task..of killing Rooster B. what a sad day!! Continue ….

As God’s chosen vessels, God puts a hedge around us while we are out rendezvousing w/ sin. If we continue to walk n sin, the hedge will be lifted for us to fend for ourselves bc God will not keep us from the consequences of the choices we choose 2 make.
We will reap whatever we live according to : the flesh or the Spirit (#Galatians6:7-8).
If we continue to walk in sin, our own fleshly choices, it will eventually lead to death in some form or fashion (Romans6:23 ; Proverbs14:12).

God loves u soooooo much that He gave the life of His only Son, Jesus, so that we can be saved from death and experience an abundant life (John3:16, 10:10).
#ChooseLife #ChooseJesus #Romans10:9-10

While we were dead in our sins God put a hedge of protection around us to keep us from the death and destruction set before us.